Feb 24, 2022

Two years after the pandemic shuttered concert halls and we moved orchestra rehearsals online, Philadelphia Sinfonia hit the stage at the Temple Performing Arts Center on January 23rd with a multimedia area premiere: composer Kile Smith’s The Bremen Town Musicians. PSP followed soon thereafter at St. Stephen’s Church featuring Mozart, Haydn, and an incredible percussion quartet, and PS and PSCO just performed their second concert at Trinity Center for Urban Life, where four musicians spoke eloquently to their symphonic repertoire. 

With audiences limited this winter to manage safe social distancing, each concert was livestreamed to huge audiences, and the resulting videos are all available here for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy one, two or all three of them, and if you can, please also support our musicians and program with your tax-deductible donation. Ticket income is very limited this year, and your gift will go a long way toward helping us come back financially as we come back to live performances.


PS January 23 Concert at Temple Performing Arts Center

PSP February 13 Concert at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church

PS February 20 Concert at Trinity Center for Urban Life