Seating Auditions

Philadelphia Sinfonia and Philadelphia Sinfonia Players:
Seating Auditions will take place when in-person rehearsals begin. Check back for details at that time.


Seating Philosophy

Our goal when assigning seats is to create the best possible sound for each section while giving our members the best possible experience. This is accomplished by having our string players take a seating audition at the beginning of each season. The results of the seating audition should not be interpreted as a ranking of our players from strongest to least experienced; rather the more experienced players are spread throughout the section and may be paired with players who are less experienced. This encourages a depth of richness to Sinfonia's orchestral sound created by an even and strong section from back to front - one reason Sinfonia has always had such a mature sound.

This model is based upon a professional orchestra situation in which having a strong, even section from back to front is critical. Every player is an important, vital, and valued part of our orchestra whether in the front, middle, or back. All work together to create the mature sound that Sinfonia has come to be known for.

Strings will be required to take a seating audition at the beginning of each season. Auditions typically happen during regular scheduled rehearsals. PS string players will be asked to prepare orchestral excerpts drawn from the current repertoire and chosen by the conductors. Excerpts will be emailed to you as well as posted here in the Members Section of the website by the end of July. PSP string players should prepare a solo or concerto of your choice for your seating audition.

Woodwinds, Brass, Harps, and Percussion rotate seating as determined by the conductors with assistance from the section leaders. This season, we are asking all Woodwinds and Brass in PSP to prepare a short audition to help the conductors determine each player's current abilities to more evenly assign parts for the season.